A Chan Master's Tear

(originally from http://www.tunglinkok.ca/9710/sources/zen12.htm)
One day, Ch'an Master K'ung-yeh was travelling on the road and met some bandits who wanted to rob him.
Tears fell from the Master's eyes.
The bandits started laughing and exclaimed, "What a coward!"
Master K'ung-yeh then said, "Don't think that I'm crying because I'm afraid of you. I am not even afraid of birth and death. I feel sorry for you young people. You are strong and healthy, yet instead of doing things that are beneficial for others, you hurt people by robbing them. Of course, what you are doing is not acceptable and cannot be tolerated by society. What is worse is that you will all go to hell and suffer great pain. I am so worried about you that I cannot restrain myself and am shedding tears for you"
The bandits were moved and decided to give up their evil ways.