Fundamental teachings
Buddha Nature
(from In Search of the Stainless Ambrosia, Jewel Ornament of Liberation, Jewel Treasury of Advice and Transformation of Suffering)
by Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche

All sentient beings have the Buddha nature, or seed of Enlightenment. In the Samadhi Raja Sutra, the Buddha said, "All sentient beings are pervaded by the essence of the Sugata (the well-gone state). For example, silver abides in its ore, oil abides in a mustard seed, and butter abides in milk. Likewise, the seed of Enlightenment abides in every sentient being. Complete Buddhahood is Dharmakaya, which is all-pervading emptiness. And this emptiness pervades all sentient beings. For this reason, all sentient beings have the seed of Enlightenment." The suchness of all reality has no differentiation. The reality-suchness of the Buddha and the sentient beings is not differentiated. There is no better and no worse, no higher and lower, no larger and smaller. Therefore, all sentient beings have the essence of Enlightenment. As it is possible to extract butter from milk and oil from the sesame seed, so it is possible for sentient beings to achieve Enlightenment.