BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL II - a Story from Buddhist Sutra

One day, Sakra, the King of Gods, and Mara, the King of Evils, were fighting a heated battle. By the end of the day, Mara's army of Evil Generals and Soldiers were, however, in a upper hand and Sakra's army, leaded by the four Celestial Generals, had to retreat in defect.
As Sakra's army were retreating along a narrow road under Mount Meru, suddenly, it came to a halt.
"What happens? Can we kept going," asked Emperor Sakra.
"Your Majesty," replied one of the Celestial Generals, "there is a group of baby garudas (literally: Golden Feather Birds) nesting right in the middle of the road and they are on our way. I cannot pass through. Should we run them over with our chariots?"
"No," replied the Emperor. "I rather die in a battle for just course than killing a group of innocent beings who are neutral in this war. Let us return to the battlefield." So he order the whole army to turn around and charge back towards Mara's forces.
Meanwhile, King Mara, thinking that Sakra army had retreated in defect, was hosting a big victory celebration. He was caught totally in surprise when Sakra's army charged back towards his camp. His unprepared Evil Army was in complete disarray and suffered a disastrous defect.