BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL I - a story from Buddhist Sutra

Sakra, the King of Gods, and Mara, the King of Evils, were enemies and many battles were waged between the two. Each of them lead an full army. One evening, after a full day of battle in which neither side could declare a victory, both of them retreated from the battlefield back into their respective military camps.

On the way back to the military camp, King Mara dropped by a Buddhist Temple for a rest. He took off his uniform, including his military decorations, hamlets and weapons, went inside the Temple, and without greeting to anyone, helped himself to food and tea. Of course he did not bother to make any offering to the Temple. After a "coffee break", King Mara put back his uniform and left for his camp.

"Who the heck is he?" ask one of the Monks. "He seemed to look like an uneducated jerk from the lowest class of people. Even a rogue has better manners."

"He is Mara, the King of Evils" replied the Monk in charge of the Temple.

"Oh well, that's why"

After a little while, Emperor Sakra also stopped by to visit the Buddhist Temple. He also took off his military uniform and went inside. But, once inside, he greeted everybody, saying hello and politely asked for some tea. He also made an offering to the Temple. Then he left for his camp after a "coffee break".

"Who is he?" ask the same Monk. "He is very nice and well mannered. He seemed to be a knight that comes from a noble class."
"He is Emperor Sakra, the King of Gods" replied the Monk in charge.

"That's why. Then I am sure he is on the way to victory. Of course, he will win the battle against King Mara, who is a jerk."
Even though Mara was resting in his camp, he still was able to hear what the Monk said. In fury, he dashed back to the Temple and shouted to the Monks, "How dare you support Sakra and betray me? I am going to give you horror!!"

"I already has courage and therefore I do not need horror. I will return the horror to you!", said the Monk in Charge. And he started chanting some secret mantras.
After some argument, Mara was tired and returned to his camp. But that night, he got bad dreams. Whenever he fell to sleep, he dreamed of some monster shouting to him, "You will lost the battle against Sakra! You will lost the battle against Sakra!! You will ........." repeatly. Since he could not get a good rest during the night, he was so tired the next morning that he decided to return to his palace without any fighting.
Sakra was so happy about his victory that he returned to the Temple to make a big offering. He expressed his wish to meditate with the Monks for the day. To his surprise the Monks refused.
"Why?" he asked.
"Your Majesty, we are just very humble poor monks and so we cannot afford to buy expensive soaps or perfumes. Also, our robes are very old. And therefore we are very smelly."
Upon hearing this, the Heavenly Emperor bursted into laughters, "It does not bother me at all. Good smells come from your heart, not from your body."