All of us desire a life of peace and happiness, however when our surrounding world is in turmoil, often it is difficult to find an inner peace and happiness. For example, as the world's economy rises and falls, our lives are affected by the financial health of the world. Whether we live in prosperity or live in poverty our lives continue to move forward. Regardless of the problems at hand, we must always remain optimistic making the best of our present situation. The Buddha placed these worldly problems into two categories: Stekiccha and Atekiccha. The problems that we can help amend while we are living are called, Ste-kic-cha, and after our death when we can no longer help find solutions, these remaining problems are called, A-te-kic-cha.
Human suffering is caused by loss, the feeling of having less in our lives now than we had in the past. We came into this world without material possessions, not even clothes; only later in our lives do we accumulate material and physical wealth. Later, when we leave this world, we leave in the same manner we arrived, with nothing. There is no guarantee that happiness, wealth, reputation, and privilege will be provided for us now, or how long they will last once they are achieved. For instance, today we are happy and living a comfortable life, for tomorrow we may lose everything and be miserable. Although from time to time we lose some of our material comforts, we are still more fortunate than many other people in the world. Someone may laud us while another may condemn us; praise, hatred, and people cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is useless to grieve over what had happened in the past, or worrying about what might happen in the future.

Thus, we must always maintain high spirits that will get us through difficult times. To cope with and solve problems; one must apply wisdom while rejecting thoughts based on emotions. We must have a heart of a great giver, be courageous, and always put forth our best effort. To begin, forgive those who have hurt us in the past, continue by giving compassion, love, and care to everyone, regardless of their place in society. Give money, food, or opportunities to the underprivileged, by giving away some of our material belongings and always be willing to forgive others who have hurt us. To give to those in need, and to forgive those who have wronged us, will fill our hearts with bliss and happiness. Contentment and bliss are more valuable than any earthly or material possessions.

The starting point on the pathway to Nirvana is giving, the final destination is the state of inner peace and happiness. To obtain this contentment and bliss, the first step one must take is to gradually slow and stop their mind from wandering about. The next step is to allow one's mind to slowly settle in the center of their body or one's equilibrium. Gently imagine that a bright, clear, crystal ball, the size of the tip of your little finger, is located inside at the center of the body. Allow your mind to come to rest at the very center of the crystal ball. Using the subtlest of effort and you’ll find that the crystal ball becomes brighter and clearer. This stage is called, pathama magga or primary path. At this stage, the shining crystal ball is connected firmly to the mind which is seated at the center of the body, and you will begin to experience happiness. Maintaining continuous observation at the center of this crystal ball, it will slowly give way to a succession of increasingly purer bodily sheaths until it reaches the ultimate one called “Dhammakaya," the highest level of attainment of supreme happiness.

As one learns to bring their mind to a standstill, the feeling of contentment will follow and slowly grow in intensity. Only in this state of contentment and bliss are we able to reach the Triple Gems, which are the refuge for us all. Our life becomes more meaningful, we feel more secure, and we find true happiness. There is no outside worldly force that can harm us when we have the Dhammakaya inside our body.

This inner contentment is indescribable and unexplainable by mere words. Not even the happiness from obtaining great power and wealth can compare to the smallest part of this happiness. It is a fulfilling contentment that we have never previously attained. This happiness from reaching Dhammakaya is called, "the supreme happiness." This supreme happiness occurs because one becomes completely detached from the attributes of greed, hatred, and delusion that makes our life so miserable. After attaining the Dhammakaya, true happiness is found.

I wish that all of you will someday attain this supreme happiness. For this very reason, of showing others how to attain this supreme happiness or Dhammakaya, I have decided to build the Dhammakaya Assembly Hall, the Dhammakaya Cetiya, and Phra Mongkolthepmuni Memorial Hall. Whoever participates in the construction and completion of these three buildings, will realize that they have greatly contributed to making the world a better place to live. This wholesome action will show each one the right way of living in his or her life. Of greatest importance this assistance will eventually lead us and others in attaining the Dhammakaya insight.

The good deed of building these three sacred edifices will benefit both the people from Thailand and numerous others from around the world. People who come to visit and learn how to meditate will find an inner peace of true joy and happiness they have never previously attained. Their lives will become more meaningful. They will find a deeper feeling of security and self-confidence. And of greatest importance, they will find true inner happiness, the ultimate reward of attaining Dhammakaya Insight. This insight is the highest attainable level of joy for mankind; a joy that can only come from within the individual.

To support teaching in an environment which will be able to support an ever growing number of people from Thailand , or from any country of the world, the facilities must also grow. Our goal is to build a place where people from different cultures can learn and participate together in finding peace within themselves; ultimately leading to peace with others throughout the world. Please help us by a gift of your time, or by a financial contribution. We wish you happiness in your family, success in your career, and blessings throughout your life. Thank you.