Kirchheim Retreat
(December 27 - January 6):
The Way to Joy and Liberation
Meditation o Compassion o Dzogchen
Dzogchen Retreats with Sogyal Rinpoche
"Dzogchen is the primordial state, that state of total awakening that is the heart-essence of all the buddhas and all spiritual paths, and the summit of an individual's spiritual evolution. It is the final, ultimate and heart of the teaching of all the buddhas, and brings precise experiences of the awakened state." Sogyal Rinpoche
The practice of Dzogchen, or "Great Perfection," is the most ancient and direct stream of wisdom within the Buddhist tradition of Tibet. It is considered the very pinnacle of all teachings, and the most immediate path towards enlightenment. As a way in which to realize the innermost nature of the mind, Dzogchen is the clearest, most effective, and most relevant to the modern world. It is a path at once simple and profound, one that can be integrated with ordinary life and practised anywhere.
Knowledge of all knowledge, the master key that opens every door, it embodies a principle that is mirrored throughout the universe. Dzogchen relates to every aspect of our lives. It is truly the most practical way to find happiness, contentment and joy, and maintain it through all life's upheavals, truly the most practical way to discover the best, the truth, of ourselves, and so benefit others.
Rinpoche will continue the teachings on Dzogchen that he has been developing over the past year, drawing upon the precious instructions from the oral tradition, which have been handed down in an unbroken lineage from the Primordial Buddha to the present day.
These teachings will be clarified and deepened even further at KIRCHHEIM. During this retreat, to provide students with a basis for the teaching and practice of Dzogchen, Rinpoche will thoroughly establish the practice of meditation. He will share key instructions from masters of the practice lineage that enable us to arrive at that undistracted state of mind, which is the essence and foundation of meditation. This serves as a vital preliminary for Dzogchen practice, and for recognizing and resting in the unfabricated state of the true nature of our mind.
Rinpoche will also teach on Bodhicitta, 'the heart of the enlightened mind', which is the spirit, source and root of the entire spiritual path. It is, in the words of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the very highest form of altruism and the highest form of courage, the source of all spiritual qualities and the essence of all the teachings of the Buddha.
To develop bodhicitta is said by the Buddha Maitreya to be: 'for the sake of others, longing to attain complete enlightenment'. Here, love and compassion go always hand in hand with wisdom: a deep and heartfelt empathy for all beings is coupled with a penetrating insight into shunyata the nature of reality. In this retreat, Rinpoche will draw upon the famous instruction on lojong 'training the mind'-by Dodrupchen Tenpé Nyima, 'Turning Suffering and Happiness into Enlightenment.'
All of these teachings will be given within the context of a deeper understanding of the three sacred principles the skilful motivation of bodhicitta, the wisdom of non-grasping that secures the practice and the spiritual path, and the dedication that seals it-which have been beautifully described by the great Tibetan master Longchenpa as "the heart, the eye and the life-force of true practice." As Nyoshul Khenpo says: "To accomplish complete enlightenment, more than this is not necessary: but less than this is incomplete." Rinpoche will show that it is when we combine the motivation of bodhicitta, the heart of the enlightened mind, with the practice of Dzogchen, and seal it with dedication, then our practice becomes not only the source of peace and happiness, but has the power to bring about enlightenment, even in this lifetime.
Practice guidance will also be offered for students at different levels meditation, ngöndro, sadhana, and Dzogchen. Group and personal practice, study, and periods of silence will provide a rare opportunity to actually experience, integrate, and stabilize these teachings in an environment of retreat.
In order to create the environment where these teachings can be given fully, you are strongly encouraged to attend for the entire period.