The Bodhicitta Resolve is the pure aspiration and intention to practice the dharma so that one can become enlightened in order to benefit all beings. The Bodhicitta resolve begins out relatively with compassion and altruism. It then is fully realized with with the activity of a Buddha. To benefit all beings, as a Buddha, one solely acts to lead all beings unto the path of enlightenment.
Although giving material possessions and aiding the poor and sick are certainly excellent and superb methods to enhance one's relative Bodhicitta, supreme Bodhicitta goes well beyond mere material offerings to others. True bodhicitta includes the "spiritual offering" of the dharma. One must not misunderstand Bodhicitta to merely mean material benefit.
One should think:
"Only when the limits of space are reached
Only when the end of sentient beings is reached
Only when Karma and emotional instability are exhausted
Will my vow have found its fulfillment and end"
By forming and training in the Bodhicitta resolve, the practitioner is acquiring the most noble and supreme attitude of all sentient beings.