In the Buddhas, Dharma and Sangha
Until enlightened I seek refuge.
Through giving and other perfections
To aid all may I become Buddha. (3x)
This wish to attain complete enlightenment
To free all beings from dangers of samsara and nirvana,
From henceforth until I become a Buddha,
I never give up even for sake of my life. (3x).
O Gurus, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
Please listen to what I now say:
Just as the previous Sugatas
Generated Bodhicitta
And successively accomplished
The Bodhisattva trainings,
So shall I, to benefit beings,
Generate Bodhicitta
And practice in succession
The Bodhisattva trainings (3x)
Now my life is fruitful.
It's well that human life's been found.
Today I'm born into Buddha lineage
And now become a Bodhisattva.
From now henceforth I shall act
In accordance with this lineage
So as to never bring disgrace
Upon this lineage, pure and faultless.
When the Sun Lord Protector Maitreya rises
O'er the mountain summit, the Vajra Seat,
Opening my wisdom's lotus blossom
May bumble-bee swarms of fortunate ones be satisfied!
Then as Conqueror Maitreya, fully pleased,
Places his right hand on my head
And prophecies supreme unexcelled enlightenment
May I swiftly attain Buddhahood for sake of all beings!
Reprinted with the kind permission of the translator,
David Molk