What is (Arising of Bodhi Mind)?

The Bodhi Mind means the awakened mind; it is the foundation and the essence of Mahayana Buddhism. [Arising of Bodhi Mind] is when one sees the suffering in the world and the defilements of all sentient beings, one makes faithful vows to seek Bodhi and to transform all living things. It's an absolute kind and altruistic action (or intention), since one unconditionally accepts all sentient beings. Therefore, [Arising of Bodhi Mind] is the first step of practice, and the path to the Buddhahood.
According to the grade of difficulty, [Arising of Bodhi Mind] can be grouped into two levels:
The conventional level:
Through the arising of great compassion and accommodating with the wisdom of emptiness, the practitioner cultivates the six transcendences (generosity, morality, patience, diligence, concentration, and wisdom), and four all-embracing virtues (generosity, affectionate speech, conduct profitable to others and identifying with others) in order to help all sentient beings liberate from the cycles of rebirth.
The absolute level:
The practitioner will not retreat from his faithful vows and great compassion, yet he realized that all things arise from causes and conditions, therefore all things are neither born nor extinct. Thus, the practitioner attains the ultimate truth.